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My album is avalable on CD Baby and thus Amazon and other retailers.

I recorded this album while I was in massage school.
I wanted something appropriate for massage and body work sessions. I think it works well for that.
It's also a good album to take a nap to.
The overall length is just under an hour.
The underlying binaural beats are meant to help bring the client to a relaxed state for most of the session and then "wake up" at the end.
The disc can be played royalty-free at a spa or by body workers on out-call.

A few other random things:

I used to take my harp to a drum circle. Here is a piece I made for the circle called Majnooneh - drums not included! Being for a drum circle, it's a repetitive riff. In the circle, changes in tempo and dynamics would happen organically.

Here is an exercise I did for a theraputic music course I took from Stella Benson. It was supposed to be done live, so it's one unedited take. It's an example of modulating between modes. Perhaps you'll get different emotions from the different sections. (notes)

Okay, this was a challenge: To take my signature riff - as used for meditations - and give it some tension. I call it Pursuit, and it's pretty un-harp-like.

Then there is an exercise in varying tempos. It's similar to part of my massage CD, but without the ocean waves or the binaural in the background.

* * *

Vigil for Suzanna Byrd Norwood - November 19, 1922 - July 22, 2006

With my Aunt Suzy in her final illness, there was a sound struggling to come out of my harp. I got the news that she had passed at about two in the morning (my time). This was recorded in one take at three AM, so it's raw. Afterward, I couldn't play for days.

And now she's sleeping in the hand of God...

* * *

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