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Nothing fancy yet.

I'm making 2006 / Year of the Dog into a year of service. So I'll be playing at meditation circles (& drumming circles!), Touch Foundation events, and bedside at nursing homes. Also experimenting with massage CDs which are available for sale at the CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach.

Other stuff:

I've been taking my harp to a drum circle and it's been a lot of fun. I'm going to get to fulfill a fantasy of mine - playing harp to accompany bellydance! I made up a piece for it called Majnooneh.

Here is an exercise I did for class. It was supposed to be done live, so it's one raw take - unedited. It's an example of modulating between modes. Perhaps you'll get different emotions from the different sections. (notes)

Okay, this was a challenge: To take my signature riff - as used for meditations - and give it some tension. I call it Pursuit, and it's pretty un-harp-like.

Then there is an exercise in varying tempos. It's similar to part of my massage CD, but without the ocean waves or the binaural in the background.

* * *

Vigil for Suzanna Byrd Norwood - November 19, 1922 - July 22, 2006

With my Aunt Suzy in her final illness, there was a sound struggling to come out of my harp. I got the news that she had passed at about two in the morning (my time). This was recorded in one take at three AM, so it's pretty raw. Afterward, I couldn't play for days.

And now she's sleeping in the hand of God...

* * *

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