I've made some CDs for use during massage. I don't intend to mass-produce them, but to get to a point where I make custom ones for people. Here are some notes on the progression so far:

Harp and Waves

v 1.0 - a single track of two harp pieces repeated over ocean waves.

v 1.1 - same as 1.0, but divided into four tracks.

v 1.5 - same as 1.1, but with a binaural beat underneath the entire CD. It starts at 15hz (alpha), gradually drops to 6hz (theta) by the middle of the CD, and then sweeps up to alpha again at the end.

volume 2 is the same thing but on a screened CD.

You may have noticed that I put "Do not use while driving" on the binaural CDs. Why? Do I think they have some irresistible hypnotic effect? No, but I do believe far too many people drive without enough sleep, using stress ("I'll be late!") to stay alert and/or awake. Given that, I'd want to be careful about a CD that is intentionally relaxing, when even the dashed lines separating the lanes on the road can put a tired person into a trance.